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Our purpose is to enable shared prosperity through sustainable food production

APD Profile

Established in 2010, Africa Poultry Development Group has been driven by an unwavering passion for empowering poultry farmers and enhancing their livelihoods from generation to generation. Through a combination of organic expansion and strategic acquisitions, the group currently operates in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The Group is fully integrated across the entire poultry value chain, enjoying market leading positions in its key commercial product categories: feed, day old chicks, processed chicken, and other processed products.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our business, and we take responsibility for preserving the environment for the sake of our planet’s future. We integrate sustainable practices throughout our entire value chain, creating a positive impact for generations to come.

This philosophy touches every component of our value chain, supporting different players by adding value to maize and soya farmers; suppliers; government agencies; distributors; agents and veterinary departments. We pursue innovative digital approaches to poultry farming, granting farmers immediate access to support, training and guidance in their farming endeavours securing sustainable livelihoods.

We are devoted to offering nutritious and delicious meal options, ensuring a reliable source of healthy and safe food. Delivering high quality products not only elevates standards in the poultry industries in our markets, but also fosters healthier, more prosperous communities.


Our vision is to be the food partner of choice.


Team Players
  • We recognise our greatest asset is our people.
  • We listen, we plan, we act, and we hold each other accountable.
  • We work together, succeed together, celebrate together.


  • We meet the highest safety and biosecurity standards.
  • We ensure traceability through our Farm-to-Family value chain.
  • We are passionate about producing quality, healthy food products.


  • We are dedicated to excellent customer service. We always keep our
  • We strive to be the most trusted partner providing innovative products and
    service solutions.
  • We constantly engage and work with the communities around us.


  • We are custodians of the environment under our care.
  • We strive to be ethical and hold our partners accountable.
  • We live up to our civic and regulatory responsibilities.

Genetics Supply

The grandparent operations underpin our business. The supply of parent stock in the group is secured in its two highly biosecure grand parent facilities in Zambia and Tanzania, to ensure business continuity.

  • The grandparent facility in Zambia hosts both a farm and a hatchery, located on a 2,600 hectare estate. The facility produces both broiler and layer parent stock for the group and other stakeholders.
  • The GP facility in Tanzania is a joint venture with Aviagen, a leading genetic supplier that produces broiler parent stock for the region.


APD operates a robust ‘Farm to Fork’ philosophy: the product journey is very closely monitored to ensure that every morsel of food supplied by the group can be traced back through the value chain to its parent and grandparent origins.


We prioritize biosecurity by ensuring that our sites are located in isolated areas, far from human habitation. This not only protects our chickens from outside contaminants, but also guarantees that the poultry products we provide are of the highest quality and safe for consumption.